Making Electronics Assemblies With Precision and Expertise

For 39 years, S&K Electronics has delivered superior cable and wire harness assemblies, electromechanical box build assemblies and circuit card assemblies, which include surface mount, through-hole, mixed, selective wave, hand add and wave soldering. Our highly skilled labor force and talented engineering and machining groups support these core capabilities to ensure delivery of quality products on time, every time. The ability to delivery quality products on time remains our top priority, and is supported by our ability to remain flexible, grow as needed and maintain cutting-edge manufacturing processes and equipment.

Circuit Boards

“You Hold All The Cards”

A lady showing open circuit board

S&K Electronics offers diverse methods of circuit card assembly (CCA) manufacturing to meet the requirements of your CCA products. These methods include:

  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT): Operation of two independent lines with a total capacity of 52,000 placements per hour. Components as large as 2.17" x 2.17" x 0.98"T and as small as 0.01" x 0.02" x 0.006"T (also known as 0201). BGAs and fine pitch components placed on a regular basis
  • Through-Hole Assembly: selective wave, wave soldering or with IPC-A-610 Level III trained assemblers in accordance with IPC-J-Std-001
  • Mixed Technology: support of a variety of products produced with a combination of SMT and Through-Hole technology
  • Flex circuit assemblies
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant processes available for all aspects of circuit card assembly: SMT, Through Hole and Hand Add, if needed
  • FPGA and EEPROM programming available

Circuit Card Assemblies:

  • Conformal coating-urethane, acrylic and paraylene
  • ESD techniques per ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • Workmanship in accordance with IPC-J-Std-001 and IPC-A-610 Class III
  • ICT with Hewlett-Packard series II
  • Hioki 1240 X-Y Flying Probe In-Circuit Tester
  • Mixed testing via Checksum’s TR-8 and TR-10 MDA systems
  • Functional Tests developed by S&K Electronics engineering staff
  • Environmental stress screening (ESS)
  • All products 100% inspected and 100% tested


“Connecting You With Quality”

A man holding a bunch of wires

S&K Electronics cable and wire harness assembly processes include the use of automated Schleuniger and Artos equipment. This equipment cuts, strips and, optionally, will mark wire.

  • Wire types: insulated, buss, shielded, coax, twisted and semi rigid
  • Laser wire stripping
  • Hand lacing
  • Solder and crimp connectors
  • Lengths from less than an inch to over 100 feet
  • Wire gauges from 28 AWG to 0000 AWG
  • Low to high volumes
  • Molding and potting capabilities
  • Simple to complex; straight to multibranched
  • Automated processing equipment, including wire and crimping
  • Workmanship in accordance with IPC-J-Std-001 and IPC/ WHMA-A-620
  • Automated testing equipment: DITMCO, Cirris and Custom
  • All products 100% inspected and 100% tested

Box Builds

“Thinking Inside the Box”

By combining circuit card sub-assemblies, wiring and plastic or metal chassis, S&K Electronics offers complete solutions for electromechanical assembly. Our experience ranges from simple wire and crimped-pin assemblies to interconnect boxes using more than 20 connectors and 500 individual wires. We produce both military and commercial specifications and assemblies.

A man holding an electronic gadget

Our skilled engineering staff supports the manufacturing of all subassemblies and final integration of these assemblies to ensure that we deliver quality products on time, every time.

  • Assemblies: full rack, small box or simple wire with crimps
  • Potting, encapsulate and heat shrink processes
  • Experienced, reliable supply base for plastic and metal needs
  • In-house circuit card assembly
  • In-house wire harness assembly
  • Testing from functional to custom, can include ESS
  • Riveting and hardware attachments
  • Workmanship in accordance with IPC-J-Std-001, IPC-A-610 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 Class III
  • All products 100% inspected and 100% tested
  • Special processes as defined by the customer for critical assembly areas
  • All units assembled in an ESD-controlled environment

NBC Heater

A man showing an electronic device

For more than 30 years, S&K Electronics has provided the Department of Defense with over 250,000 NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) Heater assembly units. This electromechanical assembly was designed and qualified by our staff to meet government specifications, and lean manufacturing methods have kept it cost-effective over the years.

  • MIL-PRF-51191
    NSN: 4240-00-807-6856
    P/N: MIL-H-51191
    Heater, Air, Electrical, M3
  • Re-qualification - 2015
  • Recent Contracts
    • W52H-09-D-0230
    • W52H-09-04-D-0017
    • DAAE20-99-D-0071
    • W56H-ZV-14-D-0141
  • Can perform value-added processes